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Information on Students and Teachers Relations

Our Products


Triobros pace online products  are grounded in tradition of solid research and way of the student and teachers  relations, the way to relate in the academic level of understanding one another and working together.  We provide rigorous and relevant online educational products that will challenge your students and teachers and the way of learning for their better progressive approach towards the difference of our past and out future academic simplicity to all.
Our proven online products are as diverse as your students’ need, giving you effective educational options for every learner, slow learners or first learners supported by different coaches online and be ready to have a positive option between teachers and students, learning relations - How a teacher will help students to be able to master the (passion) or potential progress for the students in schools.  Triobros pace brings new ideas you can trust to create the 21st century classroom for your students and improve student achievement.

Intelligent Educating:
Believe your child needs and deserves an education that compliments the current information giving memory based syllabus approach teaching material rejoice.  Exercise in Education to creativity is the third in series of teaching training manuals to promote quality life education (QLE).  Regular education system is linear predominantly the way movement from the teacher to the student where the learning process is initiated and triggered off by the teacher and not the student (Q.L.E) is cyclical movement from real life to reflection and back to life education and the learner are partners on a journey, both entitled to their respective points  of view…..

Triobros pace partners with you to deliver comprehensive service offering and industry leading expertise to ensure production of learning success and drive student’s achievement.  Services range from relations to school improvement consulting to ongoing instructional and technical support.
Our triobros pace implementation coaches have worked in the field of education and administrators, teachers and educational leaders and they understand the world in which you work, they appreciate your unique challenges and they support the needs of your relations as it is launched and throughout its development and growth.
Management team and our people:
Triobros pace has a clean and simple management structure.  We acknowledge that our success lies within our people and therefore we do not only encourage but also demand their total involvement in all levels at the business.  We value and respect each individual and proved and environment in which people can succeed as winners.  This in turn enables us to continuously improve the service provided to our customers.

We are committed to ensuring continuous development of our key success factors namely:-  
    Customer satisfaction
    Product development and marketing.

Product Range
Triobios pace products are developed for manufactured in line with international standard and undergo extensive research with precise evaluations/testing to ensure they exceed the local environment and educational prior to better productivity our customers includes – parents, teachers and students.
In a bid to broaden our academic penetration, Triobros pace seeks to import directly the Academic programs. We anticipate and identify the products demand for academic gaps and import directly the products to meet this demand through online support.

Triobros pace always seeks to provide client growth/dealer with product knowledge, training and technical support to enable him/her produce our product professionally.  Consequently, our dealers and our partners and an extension of triobros pace function.  Within our entire operational philosophy there is an increasing emphasis on customer service.