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Information on Students and Teachers Relations

About Us

Triobos Pace Is an Entrepreneurship year 2013, the nature of the business is the information on teachers and students relations. Education between teachers and students-the ability for teachers to understand the “pace’’ between slow learners and fast learners.

“Pace” of understanding for slow learners is different from the “pace” for the fast learners.


Type of business:
Entrepreneurship - company was found in 2013.experience is about to bring better generation with better students in academic level of competence-need to engaging them with an interactive, media-rich content proven to be effective by third-party engagement e.g. face book, linked in and twitter. Our product and services through internet platform technology.

Enable information on teachers and students relations-Academic performance for their future positive attitude in every area, in order to create a Better world. Support systems utilized in face book, LinkedIn and twitter advertising and promotion- or any other media platform.

In 20 years time from now we need better living environment, by doing research in different areas we do work with people.

“Learning today…leading tomorrow”: Parents + Teachers =Students; (Aspire + inspire = expire)–before the student expire or (die) what kind of legacy will he or she leave behind.

For “Learning today…leading tomorrow”-No more punishment in schools we shall forget about .Because if the student gets 5% in mathematics, the positive teacher will not punish the student to achieve like any other student who got 100%.
WHY?  Because the teacher understands the (passion) potential that the student has.
Is not in mathematics but may be in Biology whereby student gets 100% but not Mathematics where he/she gets 5%.
Negative teacher will always punish student with inability to achieve 100% like the other student. He/she will punish student but only to torture the student psychologically. Student will be mentally insecure or (paranoid) instead of secure or (intuition).

Our product size is a small medium size company and affecting market growth is the challenge we face academically in all level of the education out come in schools, other institutes also private academic level of education performance. Our tread will have a positive outcome today and behold.

However, another factor affecting market growth industry trends is when we have government school not performing well like private schools. Market growth is higher in government .Population growth is higher than private school.
Third factor the easier way of teacher to teach in private sector and the payment is higher than in the government schools. Class population is higher than in private schools-challenge in teaching the students.

Future Relations -between teachers and students is oriented to a new leaving environment   is significant.  When it is done well, orientation keeps teachers to reduce nervousness associated with a new environment.
Anxiety can affect the way they deal with the students in the class work or lessons. The presence or lack of an orientation is important for giving the correct first impression as a teacher to the students.
It is this impression that shapes a new student`s attitude and he or she learns what the institute or academic values and performance expectations are.  Good orientation promotes productivity among the students.                                            
This is because fast learners and slow learners are able to adapt fast according to the expectations of the institution or academic level and the requirements of their jobs as a teacher.
When students are poorly oriented on their new roles of learning, they are likely to take longer settling down contributing to high turn-over in the work performance.
When planning new students’ orientation, prepare handbook, equipment and class among other things that will help them settle down quickly.
In addition, have one member of student to show the new students around the building so that they can quickly learn to find their way around.
Our strategy is to educate them about our prospect, direct mail but mostly direct e-mail. Plan kind of e-mailing plan to purchase.
The features of the product or services emphasize to get customers to notice the product is all about “information on teachers and students relations”.
Any sort of innovative marketing or sales techniques we employ e.g. sell our competitions through face book, LinkedIn, twitter, yahoo and Google channels.
Our focus-efforts locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.
Our plan to have direct sales in place through internet platform technology globally.
We need to encourage our network to push our product/services such as: Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Two types of Teachers:
1.    Teacher who understand how student need to learn; is the teacher who will understand the “pace” or speed of the student in the class and try to go direct into his or her shoe to capture the potential for or about the student. He or she will start from that ground.
2.    Teacher who understands what student need to learn; is the teacher who will not take time to understand the “pace” or the speed of the student. He or she will only think that what he/she understand, the student the student should also understand the same, he/she will not concentrate how to capture the potential that the student has and ignore also to go direct into his/her student shoe.

For “Learning today…leading tomorrow” Teachers need to teach what students will be able to understand but not what the teacher understands, so as to give room for Better students in future for their sound and applied innovation.